So, I am taking translation requests. But not all of them, there’s a few things I need to point out first:

  • No super long article. This is up to your own judgement, but let’s say an A4-long page interview is pretty much the maximum I’ll translate for a request. Anything longer will only be translated if I feel like doing it for myself.
  • Paper articles are fine. If you want a translation from a magazine or something you cannot google-translate because it’s printed. But you’ll have to provide your own scans. That’s a given, though.
  • Internet articles are obviously fine and the easiest to translate for obvious reasons.
  • Videos are fine. But again, not too long. Depends on my interest in it. Let’s say 2 minutes is already quite heavy. I won’t sub, except in certain cases.

As for my interests, I’m most interested in AKB48, especially HKT, NMB&Keyakizaka46, but also underground idols (which is quite broad). I have however zero interest in Hello!Project so please don’t ask about it. See the about me page for more info on my tastes.

Send me a message on twitter @Kayseurounet to contact me or nag me on my Facebook page.

PS: If you’re willing to commission me, however, you can just ignore everything that’s written above and just inquire directly about your project.