Gokigen Teikoku – Ponto Pero’s blog “Kajunyan”

As all of you following this group must already be aware of, Kajunyan (or whatever the romanization of her pseudonym is, might very well be Kazunyan) has announced her retirement yesterday, because of a worsening condition of her feet’s disease. Ponto Pero then wrote a small but nice blogpost about this.

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NECRONOMIDOL – Tsukishiro Himari / Tumblr short stories

Haa, Himari Tsukishiro. I don’t often fall in love with a girl at first sight — I mean, I may happen to put a girl I just discovered as my new wallpaper or start following her on all social medias (that’s what idols are for, right?) over night — but for me to actually make a drawing the moment I see her and start following the whole group and her past accomplishment just after two pictures? That’s uncommon. And what is even more uncommon today is a translation of 2 of her tumblr’s short stories.

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