About me

Hello there, the name’s Kayseur. Well I do have a real name as well, but let’s assume we don’t care about it.

So this is an “about me” page, but I’ll also use it as a disclaimer section regarding my translations. First, I started this blog a bit on a whim. I absolutely love idols and have thus always wanted to spread that love around, but unlike animes or mangas (which I’m quite fond of as well), it’s a domain where very few contents actually end up translated. And it’s pretty hard to tell your friend to learn a whole new language just to enjoy a hobby. Although I did. Twice.

Why twice? Well, maybe you’ve noticed. Either because I’m making mistakes or because you know me on Twitter or FB, but I’m not a native english speaker. I do think I’m decent enough to convey my feelings or kinda properly translate stuff though — so please bear with me and my mistakes. I also hate re-reading myself (but still obviously do), which is why if you find any typos, please report them.

As for my japanese abilities, I’m by no means an expert. I’m a mere N2-level. It’s probably more than enough, with time, to translate basic interviews though, but of course, if you think there’s a mistake somewhere and know better than I do, you may be right. Saying I’m using those translation to train my skills wouldn’t be wrong neither.

Regarding my idol tastes themselves, HKT48, NMB48&Keyakizaka46 are pretty much all I’m interested in regarding the 48 groups, with the extra addition of a couple of AKB and NGT members (I’m looking at you, Nakai Rika).
But that’s not all. I also love underground idols, some might also call them alternative idols, but I like the term undeground better since that’s what the girls use over there. That’s a broad term though, but let’s say PassCode, Stereo Tokyo, Q’ulle, BiSH, Underbeasty, Zenbu kimi no seida or Gokigen Teikoku are part of my interests. If it’s edgy, rock or punchy enough with good-looking girls, there’s a good chance I’ll like it, anyway.

Oh and I love to draw.

By the way, if you’re any kind of thankful for the work I’m doing (if I end up doing much, anyway… who knows, I might give up on this blog in a couple of weeks, though I doubt it), give me a follow on twitter or send me some thanks, that’s already good enough.