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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But I’ve returned from my ashes to present you with one of the things I was waiting for. Granted, this Mene’s interview has been published in Natalie.mu on May 10th which is already quite a while back. Especially since, in the meantime, someone translated the whole WagamamaShinsei interview elsewhere (click on that link to get to it) which might make this one less relevant.

Still, Mikuchiyo Mene has skyrocketed as my favorite girl of this group for various reasons (which are as superficials as outward appearance goes) and so I wanted to give this one a translation. It’s the same kind of interview Togaren (and the other members) got, so a short one, with no visible question, but still enjoyable.

Translation notes
Last time, I left the “wazurai-san” term intact to describe the fans, but as it was repeated quite a lot here I just translated it to “(our) fan(s)”.
Here’s the link to the original interview. As usual I haven’t reuploaded all of their photos here so have a look if you’re interested.


I’m not scared. If anything, I’m excited.

It’s been 4 months since I joined ZenKimi now. I used to live a quite carefree life prior to that, so until I managed to get used to this new pace of life, things were rough. You see, I was almost a shut-in, to the point where I wouldn’t go out of my house and spent all of my days watching dramas at noon (laugh). That said, it’s not like I wasn’t active — as soon as I’d get interested in something new, I’d feel like giving it a go right away. For example I once wanted to strengthen my mental so I invited one of my friend to go to a waterfall with me. It was fun but didn’t particularly had any effect on my mind in the end (laugh). Or there was that time where I thought inflating a hundred balloons would be fun, so I did it. Maybe I just like suddenly doing crazy things.

The fact that I entered this industry is no different, I like doing fun things and it seemed like it genuinely was. It’s honestly not that I particularly wanted to become an idol. As I’m not exactly the sparkly bubbly type of girl, I didn’t think of me as fit to be one. But I got really captivated by the “sickly cute” concept ZenKimi had and wanted to give it a go. That’s why if I had failed ZenKimi’s audition, I may not have became an idol at all. ZenKimi’s songs have a lot of lyrics you don’t usually find in other idol groups’, like how illness is depicted in a positive way — whenever I listen to them, I feel like I’m not alone. That’s the kind of person I’d like to become, someone who can inspire those feelings as well.


I learned pole dance back in high school.

I initially only knew ZenKimi from their songs. But after the audition, after I saw them live for the first time, I realized there are an endless number of other things that cannot be conveyed by music alone. That’s why I want as many people as possible to come see us live.


Now that I’ve entered ZenKimi, there are lots of things I need to do and think of by myself. I need to put in efforts even more as my life changed abruptly. I’m impressed by how efficient all the other members are. We have been out touring a lot lately, so I haven’t been able to come back home, and at first, even having to carry my big suitcase with me made me broke a sweat. Although soon after I had joined, I got severely told off for being late which made me determined to change my way of thinking.

But you know, despite how she looks Togaren is actually doing pretty well. She’s truly competent. While me, on the other hand, am clumsy at whatever I do… I even got told that my headbanging wasn’t good enough and I had to “bow more properly and sharply” (laugh). I’m giving it my all but it seems there’s still something off. I’m working on it.


The way Megumin uses and manages her time is very inspiring. She also thinks of our fans a lot and with tons of consideration, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say she’s like a mother for us. And then there’s Mashiro whose view of the world is beautiful. She’s the one teaching me how to dance, and it’s a lifesaver as her lectures are easy to understand. Yocchan is simply fluffy and calming, but she takes good care of us and makes me happy. I learn and receive a lot from everyone, so I’m really thankful to them all.

It’s not like I’m bad at group interactions, but thinking about how I might be dragging everyone’s down makes me nervous. Because of that, there are things that didn’t go well at the beginning. But after a while, I started thinking that doing things not for me but for others instead, for the members and for our fans, was a lifestyle that suited me well. One fan once told me “I’m able to do my best because I know ZenKimi. is going to hold another live”. Hearing those words made me think I had no choice but to work hard as well. I’m also very glad to receive advices. I was surprised when someone told me they wanted me to hold a live all by myself. It is after all those events that I started thinking about what kind of lives could we create that’d include both us the members and our fans in it.


Right now, people help me more than I help them, so that’s why I want to become someone who can help others instead.

I feel like I, as Mikuchiyo Mene, is progressively finding her place in ZenKimi now. But even though I’d like to try out new things to power up even more, it seems I still almost haven’t touched the synth I bought right after joining (laugh). Other than that, personally I’d like to see how it is to be an oiran (courtesan) in Kyoto or try my hand at skydiving. By doing things different from what I’m doing now, I wonder if there isn’t a part of me that could be restored. I’m not afraid of challenging new things. If anything, I’m excited.

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