Zenkimi. — Togaren / Natalie.mu

Here we go. Natalie posted a small “solo interview” a month ago and I haven’t seen it translated, so I thought I might give it a go. It’s a pretty short read but you can still get a small insight of what Togaren has been thinking since joining Zenkimi. I hope everything makes sense, as always.

Translation notes
I translated “hard” (ハード) as “hardcore” for lack of a better adjective and to be sure it makes sense. Wazurai (zenkimi’s fans name) means “illness”. And if you don’t know what’s a burikko character, just wiki it up!
Here’s the link to the original article. There’s a bunch of other nice photos I’m not going to upload here.


I took idol activities a bit lightly. Joining Zenkimi. ended up being harder than I thought it’d be. I don’t even have the chance to come back home much anymore. But it’s really fun, so much it makes me lose track of the time. I always wanted to be an idol so I’m happy, but if you were to ask me what kind kind of face I should be doing as an idol from now on I’d often be at a loss. Most of the idols I watch in my free time are Stardust ones, so a group like Zenkimi. performing “hardcore” lives was quite a big change of direction for me (laugh). The live I took part in at Nagoya’s CLUB QUATTRO had nothing but hardcore songs which proved itself to be quite rough. I’m really quick to sweat, lacking endurance, which is an aspect I need to work on.

Since entering Zenkimi. I feel like the meaning of what “kindness” was to me has somewhat changed. I realized being told severe things as well as everything else you need to be told was the true kindness. Megumin (Kisaragi Megumi) is very frank about what she’s thinking towards newcomers. This is something I’m grateful for. I once happened to be late, and got strongly scolded being told I was “way too naive”. Neither me nor (Mikuchiyo) Mene really understand the importance of acting ahead of time, lacking the common sense of full-fledged society members… but I think I’ve managed to grow up even if just a little recently. However I’m very slow at growing up so right now I’m getting a great taste of how harsh can the society be (laugh). I’m obviously doing my best to overcome all of this.

Before joining Zenkimi. I spent my days quite in peace. But since entering the idol world, I’ve been surrounded by lots of other idols which gave birth to that feeling of “rivality” in my heart. Likewise, while I do think of the other members as friends, they’re also my rivals at the same time. Megumin is watching over everyone so much she’s someone Zenkimi. couldn’t do without her around. Yocchan’s (Hitomi Yotsu) power of expression is impressive, I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her performance during the chorus part of “Loser Gospel” (ルーザーごすぺる). And the cunning feeling she gives off is super cute. Mashiro is someone I aspire to. She’s good at dancing, at singing and she’s cute. If you love cute faces, Mashiro is the way to go! I often take photos of her in secret then send them to her (laugh). As for Mene, she still doesn’t seem to be making full use of her character, or rather, even I can’t seem to grasp what she’s going for just yet. We’re often together in the backstage room during our tours, so we talk together a lot. About things like we’re still being too naive and we need to put in even more efforts.


In an idol group, the one who’s pink usually represents “love”, right? That’s why at first I thought I’d be going for a “burikko” character, but little by little after being in contact with the wazurai (the name given to Zenkimi.’s fans) the fact that I was an airhead got out (laugh). So maybe the airhead character fits me better, and I’d be happy if I could eventually be loved that way. Previously, I think Gomochi had that kind of character, but I’m aiming for one that only me can pull off. At first it was Mashiro whom I was respecting but Megumin told me “if you’re aiming to be like Mashiro, you’ll forever be 2nd” — this struck me really hard. So I want to aim for a personality only me can take on and be 1st.

I’m trying to become able to sing with a loud voice during our lives. I’m probably giving off a fluffy image right now, but that’s exactly why I’d like to appear stylish during lives. Even if it’s slowly, I want to catch up to everyone else! That’s the kind of feeling I harbor during each of our lives. I think I’m still far from doing my maximum. There’s still a long way to go before reaching my ideal, but every single lives is an occasion to acquire something new, so you definitely have to come see the five of us live as soon as you can!


I’ve recently finally managed to get the basics of “lives” down and even got praised by the other members. I feel like I’m progressively cracking up out of my shell. I want to do my best so that people can feel like getting Togare as the new member was the right choice. I want to be someone who, with the two of us newcomers, can manage to take Zenkimi. to new heights.

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