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As all of you following this group must already be aware of, Kajunyan (or whatever the romanization of her pseudonym is, might very well be Kazunyan) has announced her retirement yesterday, because of a worsening condition of her feet’s disease. Ponto Pero then wrote a small but nice blogpost about this.

You can catch the announcement’s translation and other details on Straight From Japan.

Translation notes
“Exile” is the term they’re using instead of graduation. The “previous generation” refers to the group Saishuu Mirai Heiki mofu of which Kajunyan, Ichiho and another graduated member were part of. GGT was born after the disbanding of this group in order to go indie.
You can find the original post here.


Just as it has been announced on twitter,
Kajunyan will be exiled from Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku as of the 4/16.

YouTube video announcement

As there are still plenty of lives until the 4/16, please please do come meet her.

For our upcoming one man live on the 9/3,
I was actually thinking about what would happen if, for whatever reason, the current lineup of us 4 members would change, would someone else be added to fill in the gap?
But I would never have thought it would be Kajunyan who wouldn’t be there anymore.

Because of the worsening of her feet disease, her exile announcement might have been sudden, but there’s still one full month before the 4/16 to come and meet her. (Despite the common trend lately to have idols graduating on the same day they announce doing so.)
So for this whole month, make some free time.
As this is for everyone who might have wanted to meet before her but thought it’d be fine any other day, for everyone who would’ve liked to see her even more, and for everyone who was simply interested in her; please come see her now and until the 4/16, so that you won’t regret it later.

You can find our live schedule and details on our twitter.

I may have been the newest member of the group, and have only been at Kajunyan’s side for half a year, but when she announced her exile I became so sad the tears wouldn’t stop. For the first time in my life I breathed heavily, it was really heart-breaking…


The saddest thing was thinking about how to me Kajunyan, who has always been here even before I arrived, was the symbol of the previous generation of Gokitei, and of Gokitei.

“Even though I still have plenty of things left to do in Gokitei…”, she said.

So to her who overcame the difficulties of the previous generation and the transition between the two groups, to her who formed Gokitei afterward, and to her who kept it on track up until now, thank you very much.

I will definitely not allow myself to drag down the Gokitei that Kajunyan protected up until now.

I will take over all of the feelings Kajunyan poured into Gokitei, her will to make it bigger and bigger and all of the things she still wanted to achieve, I will take them all on me.

And all of you as well! We all need to inherit what she’s leaving behind, and with her spirit in our heart, keep growing up!

I will take over the Gokitei that Kajunyan devoted herself body and soul to!!!

↑ This is before I joined Gokitei (╹◡╹)


Sleeping in my lap




Comforting her ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ with a hug♡


Friend of stockings


Might’ve been during one of our outings


The bus trip was fun


No makeup lesson! Naked eyes for me..

Video of Kajunyan and me dancing the Swan Lake ballet


When we cleaned up the streets of Shibuya!


During the Christmas consecutive lives!


The one that cracked us up during lessons

And the video of us cracking up when we took it


An week-day morning (lol) when we did stuff in the street


Sweapping faces (╹◡╹)

Video of us practicing in the park

↑ I looooove Kajunyan so much ( ; _ ; ), who overcame even those difficulties (lol)

I really don’t want want of a daily Gokitei life without Kajunyan, but because I don’t want to waste any of all of Kajunyan’s efforts, I will keep moving forward with Gokitei.

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