Kirakira Gerira – Interview / Girls Be [SUB]

Hello there, time for a yet another “new” flavor. Subs! Well, this is actually something I’ve done a couple of months ago, before this blog existed — back from my trip to Japan, I discovered an awesome group while being there that I went to see no less than five times in a row. Their musics were quite good and the girls all adorable (Momo is still my oshi). Their name? It’s in the title, but let me repeat it anyway: Kirakira Gerira.

KiraGeri is overall a rock-ish underground idol group, originally produced by Atsushi Tamura through his “Atsushi’s holiday idol scramble” (AIS) project which regroups other groups like Kaguya, Through Skills or Bukkoware Re:論‰.  KiraGeri used to be an undergirls unit of Through Skills, called No Through Skills, before they got their independency and own name in late november 2015 (and their army-themed outftit, although they’ve changed again for a black style now, they used to be… pink), and a standalone manager. Their slogan is to “destroy your idols” and every member is a representative of the same thing: destruction, with each member hating a different kind of wota. Albeit this is of course nothing but showbusiness-hate.

Akimoto Momo, who entered the group in February 2016, is by the way the “death voice” of the group; or as we’d call her in the west, the screamer. She’s probably not as powerful as Chiyuna and doesn’t have as many parts neither, but she still does a pretty good job.

With that, this concludes my brief presentation of the group and I hope people will notice them even more (Maniac even wrote some short news about them) especially as they announced their first One Man Lives recently.

So back to the topic of translation, and to put some context to it, it has been published in order to serve as the promotional video for Kirakira Gerira Girls Be’s project. What is Girls Be? It’s a kickstarter website for idols. KiraGeri launched a campaign in order to fund their first Music Video, which turned out to be Face Of Adversity. You can find the short version below:

If you want to see the full version, please buy their single. Here’s the Amazon link. There are, however, some of their songs that you can find online (namely, their 1st single and 3 tracks from a AIS’ song compilation) — all originally uploaded by guess who. So check them out if you will!


Regarding the translation itself, the original video is available on YouTube, but here’s a link to download it plus the sub file:

Original Video

.ass sub file

Technically, I tried to include the subs inside the .mp4, but they’re not appearing when you preview the file and I haven’t tried to download it and throw it at my media player to check whether they were still here or not. That’s why I’m including the external sub files as well, just in case.

Translation notes

The video is only translated up to the ~11 minutes mark. Everything after is about some fortune-telling stuff I’m not too fond of and I had already spent quite a lot of time getting this done, so, yeah. I’m still leaving it as-is for anyone interested.

This is also an older translation, so it might be slightly more rough around the edges, although I did give it another read and some fixes before posting.


Some links

Kirakira Gerira Website


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