Love Live! – Sonoda Umi / µ’s Welcome Party!!

Hey guys, didn’t I tell you this blog would have flavors for everyone? That includes 2D idols fans as well! And what better 2D idols are there other than the world-famous Love Live girls? The iDOLM@STER girls, of course!… But what I’ve translated here is still a Love Live piece, though.

So, this is the first story of the µ’s Welcome Party booklet that was bundled with the Love Live Movie blu-ray. All of the girls have one story, and I may translate them all in the order they’re published if it’s popular enough. Which is the reason why I’m starting with Sonoda Umi’s story and not Nishikino Maki who’s obviously the best girl. It’s pretty short, and it doesn’t say much, but it’s still a fun read for whoever’s missing those µ’s graduates.

Translation notes
Since it’s an anime-ish translation and for the sake of not having to translate “onee-chan” in an off-putting “Sis”, I’ve left the honorific suffixes as they were. I’ll probably only do that for 2D stuff.


A winter morning.

– Sonoda Umi

I extended my hand before my mouth.
Letting out a breath, a white snowflake fell in front of my eyes.
Today was the first day of school of January.
During the how so cold winter’s mornings, it was as though my breath would freeze while the air pricked my skin.
The scenery was all but grey.
It looked as though a light drizzle would fall at any time.
The weathercast had warned us beforehand — and to some extent, it seemed it had been right.
But well, it can’t be helped.
You can’t choose the weather.
But even if you can’t, I had this fleeting wish in my heart, hoping for this cloudy sky to at least remain that way for the time being — as I looked up towards the clouds.
It was the very picture of a grey, dull and covered sky.
I was about to unconsciously let out a sigh, when I remembered something Nozomi told me as we were on our way back the other day.

About how even if your head was full of negative thoughts, it was better not to think about them too much. As long as you believed in your smile, your spiritual power would raise and so would the chances of fulfilling your dreams — or so she said, chuckling ♡.
It was like talking to Honoka.
But for someone pessimistic like myself who always imagine the worst outcomes, this was quite a difficult thing to do.
It was only recently that I had finally starting to get used to the famous µ’s “positive thinking” policy.
So I halted my sigh right before it would come out of my mouth.
Thinking about it, my grandmother used to say the same thing as well.
That luck came to those who smiled, and that was why I, Umi, as a girl, had to live my life smiling.

I wonder if I’ve always been so stiff.
I pulled myself together, and forced a smile on my face again — aah, it certainly would’ve been a bit embarrassing if I had been seen by someone at that moment, but — I readjusted my bag on my shoulder and hurried up on my way towards the Takemura shop.

Ah, but, I mean, of course — I was going to head to school afterward.
But, well, you know, first — I had to check on Honoka too. I was a bit worried…
After all, you see, that girl is always a bit of an airhead and careless. First days wasn’t her forte.
Like she would always fall sound asleep at night without any care in the world about the coming day. That’s why, it was very possible she would’ve forgotten today was the third years’ opening ceremony, or so I thought —.

In fact, I had a bad dream this morning.
I wonder when was it exactly but — if I remember correctly it happened when we were still in grade or middle school.
We were about to leave for a school excursion trip, but that didn’t prevent her from oversleeping. Everyone was already gathered in front of the bus, ready to go, when she hurried herself there, running and crying at the same time.
And even though it was a school excursion, she had her backpack on her shoulders.
Aaah. That’s why I really had to check on her.
There was a chance she was thinking the winter holidays hadn’t finished, and she was carefreely cleaning and brooming in front of the shop.
But, when I turned around the corner of her house —

“Come on! I told you right? That we’d be going together to Otonoki today — did you really forget!? Seriously onee-chan, why is it always like that the first day after the holidays—”

Was I mishearing something?
For some reason, I heard the voice of someone other than me relentlessly scolding Honoka.
I stopped my steps in surprise, not advancing forward anymore, when the person to whom the voice belonged noticed me and started waving her hand at me, smiling cheerfully.

“Ah! It’s Umi-chan! See onee-chan, even Umi-chan was worried and came to pick you up! I’m really sorry for having such a clumsy sister!!”

Yukiho was fervently bowing her head as she was saying those words — while, next to her, Honoka was scratching her head, giggling.
Aah — as expected.
Things turned out exactly as I thought.

Honoka’s eyes widened like an animal which just saw its prey when she saw me, and declared almost proud of herself:

“Goood morning! Umi-chan. Pretty cool that it’s not raining yet right! We’re finally third year students from today onwards! And, did you know? Well I just heard it from Yukiho moments ago but — today, during the morning, third-year middle school students who want to see how’s the school like before enrolling are coming!”

Since I already knew about it, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised.

“And not only that, but it sounds like they will also check on club activities! — Look, what are we doing to do?! This is bad~! I completely forgot about it so I haven’t prepared anything—”

I suddenly deeply understood how this girl managed to be the last one not knowing about the school’s closing until the very last moment.

“It’s alright, you’re the only, Honoka, who forgot about it. We’ve all been preparing it for it properly—”

And then, as soon as I said this.
With a plock.
A weirdly cold drop fell on my forehead.
One after the other, drop after drop, plock plock plock.

“Waaaah! This is bad! It’s raining!”

At the same time Honoka started shouting, her voice fell behind the sound of rain that suddenly fell upon the world.

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