NECRONOMIDOL – Tsukishiro Himari / Tumblr short stories

Haa, Himari Tsukishiro. I don’t often fall in love with a girl at first sight — I mean, I may happen to put a girl I just discovered as my new wallpaper or start following her on all social medias (that’s what idols are for, right?) over night — but for me to actually make a drawing the moment I see her and start following the whole group and her past accomplishment just after two pictures? That’s uncommon. And what is even more uncommon today is a translation of 2 of her tumblr’s short stories.

And guess what, this time I even got the approval of the person herself! Yay! So, even if you don’t like what’s going to follow, expect more nonetheless, because I like doing this. The 2nd one is my favorite, by the way.


Pardon my japanese, understanding and expressing yourself aren’t exactly both as easy.

Translation notes
These translations were easy and hard at the same time. Getting the meaning is fine, but the original is written in a strange, kinda “broken” way. I could rewrite it to be better written or, let’s say, more fluid. But I’d risk losing the feel of the original by doing so. Let me know in the comments (or on the social networks) if it’s still comprehensible nonetheless.


“What I don’t want to forget”

10th January, 2017

Link to the original

When I used to go to my grandfather’s place,
We would roll little pieces of white bread and give them to the sparrows as our daily morning routine.
In the garden,
there were an apricot and a peach tree which had seemingly been planted when my brother and I were born.

As for the house,
Every rooms had a door leading to the next one,
And the windows remained opened even at night.
It was a very open house.

Lying here and there,
Were small vases filled with pennies.

My grandfather had a black rotary dial phone,
Even when I was in my fourth year of primary school.

Thinking back about it,
My grandfather’s home was full of weird objects.

At the bottom of the bathtub, there was a large crack.
When I asked about it,
I got told it was linked to hell,
And that I should take care never to fall in it.

A large, bottomless crack,
With endless darkness.

Then, on the second floor was a room.

There were so many things,
But I can’t remember any of them.
The only thing I do remember, is that I came there to read mangas I was prohibited to read at home.

I don’t even remember exactly what those mangas were,
But one was about a young man who had been cursed for having eaten a mermaid’s flesh.

There were probably a lot of other books in that room,
But this is all I can recall, apart from another one of a woman,
Living next to a shore on a rock.

Then, at the back of that second floor,
There was a second room which would always be locked.

I never entered that room.

Looking back at those memories,
I realize that If we were to see that room from the outside,
It would actually be as though there would be no room at all.
It would look like there was nothing but a wall, without any roof.
Thinking about it, it was really weird.

Only once,
When I went to that second floor alone,
The door to that room was very slightly opened,
And I think it looked like a storage room.

But really,
It still seems to me that this room did not exist.

Last year, my grandfather passed away.

I’d like to go to his house,
But for some reason, my parents wouldn’t let me go.

I was a good granddaughter,
So even if it’s only once, I’d like to go to back my grandfather’s place.

The days I remember over there were always without weather,
No sun, no rain, no cloud,
Only a spectacle.

I can’t remember anything but weird things.
Yes, even if it’s only once.

24th January, 2017

Link to the original

In what looked like an old residence,
I was sitting on top of tatamis.

Even though the door and windows were opened, it was dark.
Outside was a forest, on ground was a lake.
It was a place you couldn’t go away from without a boat.
Outside, all I could see was a single bird,
A small bird, on top of a tree,
With a weird gaze and sparkling eyes,
Staring in my direction.

Slosh… slosh…
Far off in the distance, coming my way,
The sound of a boat approached.

On this boat was a single person, paddling alone.
I couldn’t see his face.
He had come to take me away,
From this residence.

The bird, still here, kept monitoring the place.

In this residence with me,
One other person had always been there for as long as I remember.

I’m trying to recall this person’s face,
But I cannot.
I am filled with terrible nostalgy every time I do.

On that boat however, only one more person could ride it.
The other person I lived with told me to go,
and I got aboard.

After that,
Ever so slowly, the boat began to move.
Little by little,
The residence receded in the distance.

At that moment,
The bird still on top of the tree moved.
It entered the residence.

A shrill cry echoed throughout the whole forest,
As the bird seemed to attack the other person.

The sound of the wind and my breath were both getting harsh,
My voice wouldn’t come out,
My body stiffened,
And I couldn’t do anything but tremble.

Gradually, the residence became smaller in the distance,
And when I looked in front of me,
Before my eyes, instead of the person who was paddling the boat,
Was the other person, who should have been left behind,
Sitting, while staring at me.

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