NGT48 – Ogino Yuka / IDOL AND READ 012

An extensive look at an idol who’s trying not to be an idol. You read that right! She’s a bit of a weirdo, but she sure is sweet.

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Zenkimi. — Mene /

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But I’ve returned from my ashes to present you with one of the things I was waiting for. Granted, this Mene’s interview has been published in on May 10th which is already quite a while back. Especially since, in the meantime, someone translated the whole WagamamaShinsei interview elsewhere (click on that link to get to it) which might make this one less relevant.

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Kirakira Gerira – Interview / Girls Be [SUB]

Hello there, time for a yet another “new” flavor. Subs! Well, this is actually something I’ve done a couple of months ago, before this blog existed — back from my trip to Japan, I discovered an awesome group while being there that I went to see no less than five times in a row. Their musics were quite good and the girls all adorable (Momo is still my oshi). Their name? It’s in the title, but let me repeat it anyway: Kirakira Gerira.

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